•  Join or Die  •

In this feature documentary, follow the half-century story of America's civic unraveling through the journey of legendary social scientist Robert Putnam, whose groundbreaking "Bowling Alone" research into America's decades-long decline in community connections could hold the answers to our democracy's present crisis.

Silkworm worked throughout the filmmaking process to create a seamless, visually unique journey through American club life history. I’m extremely grateful that I was asked to work on it.

The film utilizes massive amounts of animation, which gives it a unique and quirky feel. The design goal was to highlight how vibrant life in America can be when it is lived in community while the animation’s intent was to make college-level subject matter easy to understand. There is even more animation in the film that I had to leave out of this reel, so please watch the whole film!
Find out more about the film and the team behind it here.

Directed and Produced by Pete Davis & Rebecca Davis
Animation and Design by Silkworm
Music composed by Chad Cannon

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